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Look Up Your Birthday And See What It Tell About Your Personality


Look Up Your Birthday And See What You Are…..

January 01 – 09 ~ Canine
January 10 – 24 ~ Mouse
January 25 – 31 ~ Lion

February 01 – 05 ~ Cat
February 06 – 14 ~ Dove
February 15 – 21 ~ Turtle
February 22 – 28 ~ Panther

March 01 – 12 ~ Monkey
March 13 – 15 ~ Lion
March 16 – 23 ~ Mouse
March 24 – 31 ~ Cat

April 01 – 03 ~ Canine
April 04 – 14 ~ Panther
April 15 – 26 ~ Mouse
April 27 – 30 ~ Turtle

Could 01 – 13 ~ Monkey
Could 14 – 21 ~ Dove
Could 22 – 31 ~ Lion

June 01 – 03 ~ Mouse
June 04 – 14 ~ Turtle
June 15 – 20 ~ Canine
June 21 – 24 ~ Monkey
June 25 – 30 ~ Cat

July 01 – 09 ~ Mouse
July 10 – 15 ~ Canine
July 16 – 26 ~ Dove
July 27 – 31 ~ Cat

August 01 – 15 ~ Monkey
August 16 – 25 ~ Mouse
August 26 – 31 ~ Turtle

September 01 – 14 ~ Dove
September 15 – 27 ~ Cat
September 28 – 30 ~ Canine

October 01 – 15 ~ Monkey
October 16 – 27 ~ Turtle
October 28 – 31 ~ Panther

November 01 – 16 ~ Lion
November 17 – 30 ~ Cat

December 01 – 16 ~ Canine
December 17 – 25 ~ Monkey
December 26 – 31 ~ Dove

If you’re a Canine : A really loyal and candy particular person. Your loyalty can by no means be doubted. You’re fairly trustworthy and honest in relation to your angle in direction of working. You’re a quite simple particular person, certainly. Completely trouble free, humble and down-to-earth!! That explains the rationale why your pals cling on to you! You may have a superb style for garments. In case your wardrobe is just not up to date with the development, you might be certain to be depressed. Well-liked and relaxed. They’ve a small group of worthy mates who’re all of top of the range.

If you’re a Mouse : At all times as much as some form of a mischief! The mischievous gleam in your eyes is what makes you so cute and engaging to everybody. You’re an especially fun-to-be-with type of particular person. No surprise individuals search to your firm and stay up for embrace you for all get-together’s. Nonetheless, you might be delicate which is a disadvantage. Folks want to pick out their phrases whereas speaking to you. If somebody is attempting to play with you and play with phrases, simply invite your anger. God bless the particular person then!

If you’re a Lion : Fairly contradictory to your identify, you’re a peace loving particular person. You greatest attempt to keep away from a scenario whereby you might be required to battle. An outside particular person, you dislike sitting at one place for a protracted period. Well-liked and easy-going. You’re a born chief, and have it in you how you can tactfully derive work from individuals. Folks love the best way you at all times deal with them. You’re keen on being liked and in case you get your share of somebody’s highlight, you all are !!!!

If you’re a Cat : A particularly lovable, lovely particular person, generally shy, with a ardour for fast wit. At occasions, you favor quietness. You’re keen on exploring numerous issues and going into depth of every factor. Underneath regular circumstances you’re cool however when given a motive to, you might be like a volcano ready to erupt. You’re a vogue chook.Individuals are ready for you as a vogue icon. Mainly, you combine freely, however you don’t like speaking to strangers. The individuals in your organization really feel quite simple. You’re cautious when selecting your pals.

If you’re a Turtle : You’re close to to excellent and good at coronary heart. The examples of your kindness are at all times circulated in teams of individuals. You, too, love peace. You wouldn’t prefer to retaliate even to an individual who’s within the mistaken. You’re liked because of this. You don’t want to speak behind one’s again. Folks love the best way you at all times deal with them. You can provide, give and provides love, and the perfect half is that you just count on nothing in return. You’re fairly beneficiant. Seeing issues in a sensible mild is the perfect factor about you.

If you’re a Dove : You symbolize a really happy-go-lucky strategy in life. Regardless of the environment could also be, grim or cheerful, you stay unaffected. The truth is, you unfold cheer wherever you go. You’re the chief of your group of mates and good at consoling individuals of their occasions of want. They don’t like hypocrisy and have a tendency to keep away from hypocrites. You’ll be able to by no means be in your good books, it doesn’t matter what. You’re very methodical and arranged in your work. No quantity of mess, therefore, can ever embody you. Beware, it’s straightforward so that you can fall in love….

If you’re a Panther : You’re mysterious. You’re somebody who can deal with strain with ease, and may deal with any ambiance with out going berserk. You may be imply at occasions, and like to gossip along with your chosen group. Very prim and correct. You want all conditions and issues to be in the best way you want, which, generally is just not attainable.Consequently, you may lose in sure relationships. But when not, you want serving to individuals get out of adverse and troublesome conditions once they actually need you.

If you’re a Monkey : Very impatient and hyper!!! You wish to get it completed as rapidly as attainable. Mainly, you might be quite simple and also you prefer it when you’re the middle of attraction. On this means, you people are distinctive
. You wish to preserve your self protected from all of the angles. In case your identify is to be drawn or concerned in controversy, panic. For this reason you’re taking your precautions from the beginning. While you foresee something mistaken, your sixth sense is what saves you from falling in traps. Fairly a cash minded bunch you persons are!!