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Owl, Robin, Canary And 9 Other Birth Month Birds That Can Tell A Lot About Personality


Who would have thought that each month has its own bird associated with it? What is your birthday month? Choose from the list and you will find out which bird is your protector.

January: The Owl

You are wise and keen like a real owl. Your desire for knowledge makes your thoughts deep and meaningful, and you never waste your words.

February: The Parrot

Boring and predictable? No, that’s the polar opposite of you! You are very creative and know how to impress, although you don’t like to be in the spotlight.

March: The Robin

Your insistence may be envied. The way you cope with difficulties and your sense of purpose inspires your friends.

April: The Canary

Humor is your cup of tea. You try to live happily and share this happiness with the people around you. Anywhere you are, you bring light and joy.

May: The Nightingale

People listen to you with delight. Your words bring optimism to the people around you. Your positive and friendly mood is inspiring!

June: The Dove

As an emblem of peace, you never miss a chance to be a diplomat. You’re never afraid of responsibility and lead the way. You can solve every situation with success.

July: The Eagle

You are very confident and cool. You inspire trust and are a good listener. And your advice is worth its weight in gold.

August: The Kingfisher

Kindness, tenderness, and generosity are some of your many features. Even strangers have a soft spot for you after beginning a conversation.

September: The Hawk

You are a superhero for sure. You are always ready to help no matter what. But at the same time, you are modest and safe.

October: The Swan

Faith and devotion are your special features. And what is more, you can find all the answers and solve any problem, that’s why you are often asked for help.

November: The Rooster

Family and relatives are everything for you. No matter what, you’ll never betray your friends. And when they are in trouble you are ready to battle and win!

December: The Raven

Puzzles and mysteries always attract you. You are curious and confident, that’s why you perceive all events as new experiences.

So, as we can see, the birth month bird can reveal some personality secrets. For example, those who were born in January are often wise and keen, and those who were born in November consider friends and family to be everything for them. The birth date is indeed important!

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