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Pick Your Favorite Engagement Ring and See What It Says About the Qualities You Look for in a Partner


Pick the diamond cut you would want on your finger to know who you are and what you value most in a partner.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Marilyn Monroe had sung in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the sage advice has stuck. Diamond rings are now synonymous with engagement and before you go in for the big day, knowing which cut you prefer is important. After all, diamonds are pricey and will stay with you for a lifetime. The things we like may not define us but they do present a window into our soul. So, the diamond cut you pick may reveal more about the kind of partner you want.

Here are eight common diamond cut styles that reveal more about your choices:

Pick the style that you are most attracted to and that will tell you about who you are attracted to.

1. Heart

Those who pick this cut love to stand out from the crowd. This cut is rarely used and is a bold choice. Only the romantic at heart will choose this cut. If you picked this, you are in touch with your feelings and want to keep the romance alive in your marriage. So, you pick a partner who matches your worldview. Your partner may be someone who believes in grand gestures of love and is equally committed to keeping things spicy in your relationship. While you may not have much in common, your passion unites you.

2. Oval

This stone shape is meant for those who have a flair for all things creative and individualistic. Those who are bold, elegant, and have a unique personality should get an oval cut. If you go for this, then you are someone who knows what you want. Your partner might share your interests because you would find it hard to gel with someone not on your wavelength.

3. Round

This is one of the most common cuts of diamonds that people like for their engagement rings. “This cut is for someone who is drawn to a classic and timeless style,” GIA-graduated gemologist and fourth-generation diamantaire, Olivia Landau told Vogue. “A round brilliant is perfect for someone who wants a traditional look,” she added. You might be attracted to people who are traditional but know how to give you space. Your partner doesn’t want to run your life but they expect you to value their principles, which you believe in as well.

4. Princess

The princess cut is perfect for those who know their mind. If you are someone who is decisive, disciplined, and highly organized, then this is perfect for you. You are probably attracted to someone who is a leader and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. You want a partner who is going to motivate you to be and do better in life. You have similar goals and that includes having a good life.

5. Cushion

Those who like this are romantics and love vintage things. If you picked this, you probably love some drama in your life or it follows you because you have an intense emotional life. You want a partner who is in tune with their emotions and desires and won’t be afraid of expressing them. You are attracted to people who know how to set them apart from the crowd and are still gentle. You won’t fall for anyone who is not kind or understanding.

6. Emerald

Strong and bold women like the emerald cut but they are a cut above the rest. Similarly, you want a partner who has a youthful energy and is willing to go on adventures with you. They are not afraid of being different even if it means going against the crowd. You are attracted to people who know themselves well and don’t care about what others think of them. Since you are someone who knows what makes them happy and goes for it, you want a partner who is willing to risks as well.

7. Pear

Women who like the pear shape are likely going to be those who are always looking for a good time and adventure. You are fun-loving and are attracted to someone who knows how to have a good time. You want a dynamic relationship even if that means you fall for someone who is your opposite. You have high standards for yourself and your partner. Women who pick this cut are likely going to pick people who are independent who like a traditional romance.

8. Marquise

The marquise cut is perfect for women who own their sexuality, are extroverted, carefree, and have a lot of zest for life. If you pick this, you are not afraid of having a partner who challenges you. You might be someone with very specific tastes, likes, and dislikes. You might be attracted to men who have a regal air but are still down-to-earth. You are not shy about expressing your desire for your partner and they love you for it. Your partner is also likely to be someone who takes care of himself because that’s how you like it.