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The Dessert You Pick Reveals What Kind of Friend You Are


Friends are one of the best parts of life. They are with us through hard times and good. If you’re curious about what kind of friend you are, just take this tiny quiz to find out.

Most of us have a couple of friends we rely on heavily when we are going through good times or bad times. They can be our pillars or our partners in crime when we set out on an adventure. Our lives are better for having friends who know how to light us up with their silliness. Their joy is infectious and makes us better people as well. We are also likely to be that person in someone’s life.

If you want to know what kind of friend you are, look at the image below and pick the dessert you are immediately attracted to.

If you want to know what your pick means, read below:

1. Chocolate cake

If you picked chocolate cake, you are a fearless friend who takes their companions on adventures they never knew they were missing. It may be that you have a fun streak and if you don’t know who the fun one is in your group, it’s most likely you. Whether you are with a romantic partner or with friends, you can really show them a good time. You are capable of being serious as well but why be so all the time when you can find ways to cheer up? Life is hard as it is and you don’t like to dwell on things. Your friends likely turn to you when they are down and want a night out in the town.

2. Cheesecake

If you picked this classic dessert, you are a supportive pal. You are always there for your friends no matter what. Even in their toughest times, you have lent them your shoulder. You take joy in showing up for people just to see their happiness when they realize that they are not alone. You also expect your friends to be at your side when you need them, which is not enough, honestly. You might feel that you are self-sufficient and don’t need the same help that you are willing to give to your friends. It could be that you have your guards up and you would benefit from learning to be a little more vulnerable in front of the people who care for you.

3. Pie

It doesn’t matter what kind of pie it is, all of them are equally great, just like you. You are one of the best kinds of friends to have. You are loyal to a fault at times and it may even have gotten you into trouble. Perhaps, many people think of you as their best friend. They know that if they are ever in trouble, you are the one they should turn to. You show them over and over that, you are willing to do whatever is necessary to help them out in difficult moments. You are the 3 a.m. friend for your closest friends, and that could include your siblings, mom, or cousins as well.

4. Pudding

If you picked pudding, then you are the wise friend people look up to. They seek your advice and you have had a lot of experience in life to dip into for lessons on growth. You believe in growth and attract people who are mature. You are not one for drama and prefer people who are on the same wavelength as you. You find it easier to be there for people who are similar to you. Even among those mature folks, you are a special soul who has learned a lot through life. Perhaps, you faced many challenging times and came out of it with your faith in yourself intact.

5. Ice cream

If you picked ice-cream, then you are a simple person who tells things as they are. You don’t like to sugarcoat anything and might even be a little intimidating. You are brutally honest and your friends come to you when they want a reality check. Sometimes, they might get you into trouble as well when they pass your message forward, whether you wanted to pass on the message or not. However, you are not afraid of being judged for your honest opinions. You seem to have had a sip of the truth serum and that’s why your friends love you. You don’t mince your words to make them feel better. You tell them when they are wrong and also when they are right. You appreciate them truly.

6. Brownie

If you picked brownie, you are the best kind of friend to have because you try to put yourself in your friend’s shoes to understand them. You are empathetic and accept people with open arms, which is hard to do these days. Difficult times bring out the worst in people and if you are able to accept your friends even in those times because you see that they are going through something. You try not to be judge people and make sure you understand where they are coming from. Nobody has it easy and if you can help your friend feel better by making some effort to understand them, you do it for them.