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The Way You Sleep Reveals A Surprising Amount About Your Personality


1. How Do You Sleep?

Did you know that your sleeping habits can reveal a lot about your personality? And I am not talking about how many hours your sleep or if you are a night owl or early riser. I’m talking about how you actually lay down in the bed. There are many different positions that people sleep in, some more popular than others. Each position can tell a lot about your personality. Here is a list of the most popular sleeping positions and what it means if that is your position of choice. Does the way you sleep match your personality?

2. The Fetal Position

Do you find that you sleep curled in a ball like this? If you sleep in the fetal position, then this means that while you seem tough and appear to have thick skin on the outside, you are actually shy and sensitive down to the core. It could take you some time to open up to people, but when you do, you are always warm and welcoming.

3. The Log

Do you sleep straight on your side like a log? If you sleep lying on your side with your arms relaxed to your sides, this means that you are very social. You love to talk to people and you are very engaging. This could also mean that you are sometimes gullible so make sure you keep an eye on that.

4. The Yearner

This is the “Yearner” position. The Yearner position is a mashup between the log and the fetal position. Those who sleep this way tend to be a good communicator, but can also be suspicious and cynical.

5. The Soldier

This position is “The Soldier”. If you sleep perfectly straight, face up with your arms at your side, then this means that you tend to be disciplined and reserved. You can sometimes be quiet, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t confident, because you are.

6. The Free Faller

Do you love to get intimate with your pillow. If you like to sleep on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow, you are doing “The Free Faller.” Those who sleep this way tend to be bold and extroverted. They also don’t take criticism well at all.

7. The Starfish

It isn’t easy to sleep next to someone who sleeps in “The Starfish” position. While they love to spread out, this doesn’t means that they are selfish or like to be the center of attention. They actually love to help their friends when they are need and will always make their friends a major priority in their lives.

8. The Stargazer

“Stargazers” like to sleep on their back with their hands behind their head like a, well, stargazer. They tend to be happy-go-lucky people who always see the glass half full. Just like the starfish sleepers, they always put their friends first.

9. The Hugger

Do you smother your pillow while you sleep? Do you cling to them like they are a significant other? Then you are a “Hugger.” People who hug pillows while they sleep are often trusting. Sometimes they are even too trusting.

10. The Thinker

This position is called “The Thinker.” People who sleep on their side with their hand resting on their chin tend to be emotional. Do you sleep this way? Am I right? Don’t get so emotional about it!!!!

11. All Of The Above

Do you move around a lot throughout the night? Do you switch from position to position and you can never find the one that is right for you? You are probably going through some stress in your life and you may be feeling some anxiety. This could be fear of commitment or feeling unsure of where your life is going.

12. What Do You Think?

So, how do you sleep? Are you a hugger or a log? Does your sleep position match your personality? Did it match your personality but you don’t want to admit it? Keep an eye on how you sleep and see if the position fits you! Sweet dreams!